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We create innovation to improve, inspire and save lives.

You can solve any problem with the right equation.

x = ( i + t +p + r ) * y

First you must clearly define your x

What's your (x)?

You cannot solve what is not clearly defined. We can help.

( x ) =

  • Problem definition

  • Root cause analysis

  • Risk assessment

Each of there are dependent on the other


( )

What is unique and different about your solution?

  • Technology Scouting

  • Technology Foresight

  • Evaluation

  • Technology Landscape

  • Portfolio Management

  • Licensing

  • Technology Transfer

  • Technology Strategy


( t )

The heart and soul of the solution. 

  • Advisory Panel

  • Industry Panel

  • Expert Panel

  • CXO as a service


( p )

How will you make it all happen?

  • Opportunity Foresight

  • Competitive Landscape

  • Development

  • Testing

  • Ideation

  • R&D

  • Business Strategy


( r )

What can you use? What is your unfair advantage?

  • Manufacturing

  • Grants

  • Investment

  • Facilities

  • Opportunity

  • Partnerships

  • Business Services

(y) drives the whole movement and multiplies the results

( y ) =

We can solve anything with a strong enough wh(y).

Matter Labs is an award winning innovation lab. We are passionate about changing the world through innovation. 

Through our partnerships, team and resources we can help you solve your (x).



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