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Here at Matter Labs we like to be involved in every way we can with our local businesses, community and schools. Through collaboration and partnerships we created several programs that have been inspired by community needs.

Matter Labs, california based start up studio
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FATHOMWERX is an innovator of technology designs fusing academia, civilian companies and other nontraditional DoD partners who work on United States DoD and Maritime's most challenging problems.

We have created very dynamic platform designed to create a high rate of return on collision for all participants. Through the use of our growing ecosystem, promotion of divergent thought, and neutral facilitation, our goal is to bring the right minds together to solve challenging problems.

Future Labs

Future Laboratories is organized and operated exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes. It's dedicated to innovation, research, education and the commercialization of new and emerging technologies through collaborative partnerships with industry, academia, military, nonprofits, and government.

Matter Labs, california based start up studio
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