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Here at Matter Labs we like to be involved in every way we can with our local businesses, community and schools. Through collaboration and partnerships we created several programs that have been inspired by community needs.

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FATHOMWERX is an innovator of technology designs fusing academia, civilian companies and other nontraditional DoD partners who work on United States DoD and Maritime's most challenging problems.

We have created very dynamic platform designed to create a high rate of return on collision for all participants. Through the use of our growing ecosystem, promotion of divergent thought, and neutral facilitation, our goal is to bring the right minds together to solve challenging problems.

EDC Invest

The EDC Invest Program creates a pathway for connecting early stage firms to second round venture capital investment.  The program consists of three stages:

Identification, assessment and technical assistance to early stage firms, assisting in their preparation for pitching to equity investors. This activity is led by EDC’s Small Business Development Center and Matter Labs.

Firms that are determined to be potentially ready for second stage financing present their business plans and capital requests to a panel of six to ten local industry leaders. Each panel is customized to assure industry and topical expertise. Panel members complete a rigorous evaluation of the presentation and business plan.

The panelist’s evaluations are shared in confidence with a group of over 200 capital groups, organized through a partnership with OCTANe LaunchPadTM, a stakeholder partner in the California Small Business Development Center network. The ultimate goal of the program is for businesses to secure new capital investment through this network.



The Technology Exchange Consortium (TXC) prospects and develops innovative technology from the across the broad commercial and non-traditional defense marketplace, ensuring the development of better, cheaper, and faster defense capabilities that enhance mission and support the Warfighter. 


TXC offers a unique and simplified approach to rapidly identify, develop and transition technologies that address a range of operational and installation challenges for the U.S. Department of Defense, from individual Warfighter technology to large-scale defense systems. Utilizing a robust innovation platform, TXC serves as a one-stop shop to match Warfighter needs with innovative solutions from industry and academia.

Future Labs

Future Laboratories is organized and operated exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes. It's dedicated to innovation, research, education and the commercialization of new and emerging technologies through collaborative partnerships with industry, academia, military, nonprofits, and government.


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