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Coastal Trident 2020 Workshop

In partnership with FATHOMWERX and Matter Labs

A series of technical demonstrations and roundtable discussions will be conducted in order to evaluate novel applications and CONEMP for port and maritime security technologies. 

These demonstrations are intended to serve as gateways to participation in Coastal Trident field experimentation and exercise activities, increasing awareness and access to technologies capable of meeting operational needs as critical enablers and force multipliers. Operational and technical subject matter experts in port and maritime security capabilities will provide insight into development and acquisition priorities, potential use cases and stakeholders, and barriers to implementation. 


We match you one on one with subject matter experts and stakeholders!



1) Apply - Start by filling out the CT20 Technology Workshop application forms through the F6S platform. You can do this by clicking here. Already a member of F6S? Great just click here  and start filling out the application form. Not a member on F6S? ​No worries you will be redirected to fill out a simple form and become a member for free! Then you can fill out our application forms.

2) Connect - You will be contacted by the FATHOMWERX team to discuss next steps on evaluation and outcomes. We want to understand the outcomes you are trying to achieve and we can explain how we can help. If there is a fit we would schedule a time for an evaluation.


3) Evaluation - We will help access and evaluate your technology and where it fits into the maritime domain. This will help us understand your technology and who needs to see in order to achieve the outcomes you want. Evaluation fee is  $850.



  • Technical Evaluation

  • Specific use cases in Maritime domain

  • Identify subject matter experts, stakeholders, and barriers to implementation

  • Identify potential Coast Trident Exercises


All evaluations will be reviewed by the FATHOMWERX and Coast Trident Teams. 15 teams will be invited to each of the Technology Workshops.

NOTE: If you want additional assistance in preparation, consulting or opportunities you can enroll in Technology Advancement Program (TAP) or TT Acceleration program through Matter Labs. To find out more information click here. This step is optional.

4) Workshop - If selected to participate in the workshop you will be sent information to register. Once registered you can manage your meeting calendar with subject matter experts and stakeholders. 


An opportunity to live demo on the FATHOMWERX stage is available for all workshop participants. This will be recorded and attendance will be tracked.


Fee for Technology Workshop registration is $1000.



319 Panoma St.

Port of Hueneme, Ca 93041



Workshop 1 - June 18, 2020

Workshop 2 - October 8, 2020


*Date of the event will be published soon. 

*Due to COVID -19 we will be completing the evaluations through zoom.

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