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F6S Application Overview 

1) Create a account with F6S. Click here to create a account with F6S. Creating an account is free and only requires you to input an email address and your name. If you already have an account then you are all set to go! 

2) Find Coastal Trident 2020 Workshop application on F6S. If you already have an account an have logged into the platform then you can click here to be redirected to our application page on F6S. If you are having trouble you can go to F6S and find our account on their by searching Coastal Trident 2020 Workshop under the apply search bar. The apply search bar can be found by clicking apply in the upper left hand of the screen once on F6S website.

3) Fill out our application on F6S. Click apply now on our page on F6S and fill out our application forms to the best of your capabilities, then submit your filled out form! 

Need help  or have questions? 

contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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