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Matter Labs Success Stories: Battery Streak

Based in Camarillo, Battery Streak is at the forefront of revolutionizing battery technology, aiming to slash lithium-ion battery charging times from hours to minutes. Founded in 2017 with the help of entrepreneur David Grant, Battery Streak emerged from the collaborative efforts of UCLA professors Dr. Sarah Tolbert and Dr. Bruce Dunn, who developed the groundbreaking technology behind it.

Unlike conventional methods, Battery Streak's technology enables batteries to charge without undergoing a chemical phase change, resulting in rapid charging at room temperature while prolonging battery life. This innovation hinges on the use of Niobium, a unique substance with properties akin to both a capacitor and a battery, promising remarkable advancements across various industries.

Dan Alpern talking shop at ANTX Coastal Trident

The company's journey gained traction when Dan Alpern, VP of Marketing and a Navy Veteran, engaged with FATHOMWERX to showcase Battery Streak's potential usefulness to the Navy. Selected to participate in ANTX (Advanced Naval Technology Exercise) Coastal Trident in both 2022 and 2023, Battery Streak seized the opportunity to exhibit its groundbreaking technology. Their involvement not only bolstered the company's visibility but also fostered invaluable connections eventually leading to a collaboration with NSWC Crane.

Reflecting on their journey, Dan Alpern expressed gratitude for FATHOMWERX's instrumental role in expanding Battery Streak's reach within the Department of Defense and civilian contractor spheres. "Our partnership with FATHOMWERX has been instrumental in propelling Battery Streak forward," Alpern stated. "By connecting us with crucial programs and industry experts, FATHOMWERX has played a vital role in our journey towards establishing Battery Streak as a pioneering force in battery technology."

Battery Streak's success story exemplifies the power of collaboration and innovation in driving transformative change. As they continue to push boundaries and explore new frontiers, Battery Streak is poised to shape the future of battery technology across diverse sectors.

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