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About Coastal Trident

In the summer of 2020, GT2’s Center for Threat Management will

conduct the thirteenth-annual Coastal Trident Port and Maritime

Security Program.

Coastal Trident 2020 will be comprised of scenario-based

training, field experimentation, and exercise activities and

present participants with unique opportunities to examine

operational and technical capabilities in port and maritime


Program Background

Coastal Trident is an operational research program conducted

annually to advance the state of the art in addressing threats to

port and maritime security. The program is conducted in

partnership with sponsors and stakeholders in military,

homeland defense, homeland security, and emergency response.

Coastal Trident is widely recognized as the largest sustained port

and maritime security program in the nation and regularly

involves the participation of more than 150 federal, state, local

government, and private sector organizations.


Coastal Trident 2020

Coastal Trident 2020 will be conducted to examine the

operational and technical capabilities of stakeholders in port and

maritime security to address asymmetric threats to commerce,

critical infrastructure, and national security.

This year’s program will feature alignment with several

established technology and exercise initiatives, maximizing the

resources available to support program activities while limiting

regional “exercise fatigue” and the planning burden shouldered

by participating organizations


These aligned initiatives include:

Naval Surface Warfare Center-Port Hueneme’s Advanced

Naval Technology Exercise (ANTX), which will focus on

leading edge concepts for future in-service engineering and

distance support to U.S. and Allied surface combatants.


Exercise and experimentation priorities by local law

enforcement and emergency response organizations

(unmanned systems employment and countermeasures,

maritime communications and data links, shipboard tactical

operations and maritime hazardous materials response).


ANTX Coastal Trident Technology Open House, which will focus on increasing awareness and access to port and maritime

security technologies, showcase field experimentation

projects, and synchronize efforts to implement technical

solutions to operational gaps.

Visit the Coastal Trident website

Coastal Trident 2019 Trailer

Coastal Trident 2019 Trailer

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Join us for July 29, 2020

ANTX Coastal Trident Technology Open House

The ANTX Coastal Trident Technology Open House will be conducted as a series of technical displays, demonstrations, speakers, breakout discussions, and open format networking opportunities. The event will be designed to highlight the capabilities of the FATHOMWERX as an enabler of technical research, prototyping, experimentation, and commercialization activities that support the naval warfighter and Navy initiatives to transition technologies to civil authorities.

Visit the ANTX website for more information

Coastal Trident 2020 Workshop

A series of technical demonstrations and roundtable discussions will be conducted in order to evaluate novel applications and CONEMP for port and maritime security technologies. 

These demonstrations are intended to serve as gateways to participation in Coastal Trident field experimentation and exercise activities, increasing awareness and access to technologies capable of meeting operational needs as critical enablers and force multipliers. Operational and technical subject matter experts in port and maritime security capabilities will provide insight into development and acquisition priorities, potential use cases and stakeholders, and barriers to implementation. 

Workshop 1 - June 18, 2020

Workshop 2 - October 8, 2020

More about the process, schedule and location


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